This Week In IT: 11-9-12

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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProThis Week In IT: Social Media Security Certification, The Impact of 2012 Election on IT, Cloud Services, Intel Processors, Managing Identities in Cloud, Move Back Office Applications to Cloud, Hacking Through the Years, Data Center Convergence and more.

New certification set to go live in early 2013.

AppliedMicro is the first company to show off a 64-bit ARM processor.

Everything you need to know about the new data center.

Updates Opteron processors with the Piledriver processing core that was previously introduced for desktop PCs and notebooks.

Tells customers of its Elastic Block Store (EBS) that they can now provision up to 2,000 IOPS per EBS volume. 

The 2012 presidential election’s implications for IT over the next four years.

Straight talk about cloud services. 

A visual walk through the history of Intel processors from the early 1970s to today.

Security is one of the most challenging roadblocks to cloud adoption. 

EMC subsidiary announces px12-400r network storage array with capacities ranging from 4 TB to 48 TB.

Precedes updates to its Unified Computing System (UCS) expected to be announced on November 8.

Announces new virtualized storage offerings for SMBs. 

Wondering if you should ditch your existing enterprise resource planning system in favor of a SaaS solution? Then consider these five factors before making a decision.

Ramping up its image as a cloud storage provider by joining the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem. 

Silver Tail Systems offers real-time forensic and analytics software for cybercrime and web fraud protection. 

November 5, 2012 in News

Samsung announced two new additions to its SSD products for servers and enterprise storage systems.

Anonymous and their ilk might be the highest-profile hackers today, but they're standing on the shoulders of giants, including a morse code telegraph hacker from 1903. 

A 3D fly-through of Intel's S2600CP motherboard.

Some things to keep in mind as you evaluate your email security options. 

VMware cloud adoption survey suggest cloud adoption among IaaS customers moving out of beta and testing phases.

Online marketplaces—such as Infochimps, Windows Azure Marketplace and Amazon’s Public Data Sets—provide access to data sets in a wide range of areas.

AMD is designing ARMv8 64-bit processors to complement x86 processor portfolio and immerse itself ultra-dense microservers. 

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