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Video: Sizing Up Software Asset Management (SAM)

By , Julio Urquidi - Source: Toms IT Pro

Software asset management (SAM) helps you manage, optimize and control the software in your organization. Sizing the right SAM tool means evaluating where your organization is today and where it will be in the future.

Sizing up SAM

Software asset management (SAM) is categorized by two different types of solutions that are based on the overall scope of how organizations would use them. Point SAM products are straightforward and easy to deploy. What they lack in depth and scalability, they make up for in speed and simplicity. On the other hand, enterprise level SAM solutions are big and need a fair degree of planning to implement, but the amount of information they produce and their interoperability with other products are huge factors that can appease larger organizations. Read: How to Buy and Deploy the Right Software Asset Management Tool

Which SAM Solution Is Right for Your Organization?  

This video provides an overview of the differences between point and enterprise SAM products in terms of  their features and benefits. It also delivers a quick rundown of some of the current vendors that have asset management solutions in their product lines.