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Adobe Flash Player Gets Another Emergency Security Update

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Adobe Flash Player Gets Another Emergency Security UpdateAdobe Flash Player Gets Another Emergency Security Update

Adobe releases an emergency security update to the Flash Player after identifying critical vulnerabilities in the software; urges users to update immediately.

Late last week Adobe posted a new brief in their security bulletin regarding an emergency update to Adobe Flash Player marking the identified vulnerability as critical and giving it a priority rating of 1 for Windows and Mac systems.  According to Adobe’s priority and severity rating system, this is the most severe vulnerability that if exploited could cause harm to your computer without your knowledge (link). Windows and Mac users, specifically those using Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers, were advised to update within 72 hours.

But the two browsers are not the only target of the latest malicious attacks on Flash users. Adobe has identified email attachments, disguised as regular Word documents which contain the malicious code in the form of SWF content.  Linux and Android systems are also affected, but were only given a priority rating of 3 based on the fact that historically, these systems haven’t been targeted as much by these types of attacks.

Adobe recommends that all Flash Player users download the latest update as soon as possible. The update will block the potential exploits deeming Flash Player safe to use again.

This is the second security update to the Flash Player this year, following a release on January 8th that addressed a vulnerability tied to crashing a system and allowing an attacker to take control. Adobe released a total of ten security updates to the Flash Player in 2012.

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