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This Week On Tom's IT Pro: Managing Business Data in Social Networks, Software License Management, Electronic Medical Record Spotlight, Justifying Information Security Investments, Understanding Data Loss Prevention, OWASP's Role in Application Security, and more.

Don't let your organization become a cautionary tale about poor policy. 

Molecular and DNA Storage Devices- “Ripped from the headlines!” 

The need for healthcare IT to deploy Electronic Health products grows as the number of vendors pitching solutions to anxious customers rises exponentially.

Veteran IT professional looks to Ed Tittel for advice on reentering the job after retirement doesn't work out as planned.

Illustrated Guide to Managing Business Data in Social Networks

We show you how to make the most of social network technologies for business outreach and collaboration.

IT training guru Ed Tittel discloses how he evaluates certification programs to decide if he thinks they’re worth covering in general or in particular.

There’s no reason you and your team need to learn the hard way about data encryption strategies.

Join us for a journey back in time and meet those operating systems that laid the foundation for the computer as we know it today.

We look at three sets of threat prevention products that will protect your environment at different levels of enterprise IT.

Software License Management: ABC, 123, Do-Re-Me

Software and hardware are to technology as yin and yang are to balance. Neither can operate without the other. However, tracking software can be a much more complicated endeavor.

The latest in Nvidia's Quadro line of professional graphics products will offer "unprecedented workstation performance and capabilities." 

The cloud a key component of ability to gain unconstrained access to information and IT resources. 

Oracle Database Appliance now has a beefier, better-performing little brother in the hardware-software combination category. 

We take a look at technologies whose days are numbered and are destined to become nostalgic memories of how we used to do things.

Cartoon: King on IT: Yahoo! Employees Adjusting to New Telecommuting Policy

It's back to the office this June for Yahoo!'s work-from-home employees thanks to edict from CEO Marissa Mayer banning the practice.

Bolsters RealPresence video communication and collaboration platform. 

Enables healthcare organizations to deploy EHA in less time and with a smaller initial investment.

Comprised of specific requirements regarding payment card security procedures, policies and guidelines, there are numerous programs that train, test and certify qualified professionals in PCI . 

Payment Card Industry compliance is a set of technology and process requirements that requires regular reporting to merchant banks.

Electronic Medical Record Spotlight: GE Healthcare's CPS

We use GE Healthcare’s Centricity platform to illustrate what to expect and the sorts of questions to ask while developing your own Electronic Health Record strategies.

The economic stimulus money that the US Congress passed and the president signed in 2009 continues to bear fruit for health IT professionals. 

If you and your company gather and retain private patient data subject to HIPAA, you absolutely cannot afford to ignore these privacy requirements.

Accurate information about risks leads to better decision-making: The more accurate the risk information, the better the decision, especially when it comes to .

Understanding Data Loss Prevention

Preventing data loss is a best practice approach to avoiding potential breach, damage, or loss of confidential, private, or proprietary information. 

Various technologies–collectively known as Unified Threat Management–make it easy to use appliance-based tools to provide thorough and coverage. 

Securely integrating mobile devices into an organization’s IT processes and infrastructure complex and challenging.

Announces new products at the annual CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, including a dual-socket motherboard and three server barebones designed with power efficiency in mind.

An interview with Anastasia Adam, a leading Health Information Technology (HIT) account manager and recruiter.

The need for healthcare IT to deploy Electronic Health products grows as the number of vendors pitching solutions to anxious customers rises exponentially.

IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise offers core compute and storage services along with an asset catalog of and non- software.

There are numerous certifications that specifically target IT for healthcare.

OWASP's Role in Application Security: An Interview with WhiteHat VP Jim Manico

A conversation with Jim Manico, Open Web Application Security Project board member and VP of Security Architecture for WhiteHat security.

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