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SolarWinds' Monitoring Tool Adds Exchange Support

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

SolarWinds is introducing a new addition to their Server & Application Monitor (SAM) software product to help ensure that Microsoft Exchange keeps email and calendar events flowing to and from your business. Already supporting over 150 other applications, the company unveiled its AppInsight for Exchange as the latest component for Server & Application Monitor tools.

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SAM is an application and hardware performance and monitoring system that continually checks the health of applications and the servers those applications run on. Generally, SAM collects data on what is going on with the applications and hardware, and presents that information to users to let them know if the applications or hardware is, or is not, performing as expected based on key indicators and thresholds set in SAM. If there is a problem, SAM can be used to fix certain issues; for example, to shut down and restart a disruptive service running on the server.

Some of the features included in SAM are:

  • Agentless server hardware monitoring for HP, IBM, Dell, VMware and more.
  • Application monitoring for over 150 apps including Active Directory, SQL Server and Citrix XenDesktop.
  • Ability to create statistical alerts easily with the threshold baseline calculator with new sustained conditions for enhanced alerting customization.
  • Ability to resolve server management problems quickly; stop services, kill processes and more.

AppInsight for Exchange in SolarWinds' Server & Application Monitor. Image courtesy of SolarWinds.AppInsight for Exchange in SolarWinds' Server & Application Monitor. Image courtesy of SolarWinds.With its latest version of SAM, SolarWinds is adding AppInsight for Microsoft Exchange that "shines a light on oft-neglected email management," according to the company. The tool is designed to automate routine data collection and allow IT administrators to proactively monitor and prevent shutdown of the flow of email. The SAM product also uses agentless technology to identify and manage performance issues that can affect Microsoft Exchange Servers, which include:

  • Evaluating mailbox database capacity and ensuring that a quickly growing mailbox or queue does not indicate a problem.
  • Evaluating issues or problems caused by human error.
  • Freeing capacity due to unused mailboxes.

"Email is a business-critical application for which uptime means all time, and as long as it's running smoothly, management happily ignores IT. The new AppInsight for Exchange thus gives IT Pros a competitive edge by automating previously tedious and time-consuming email management tasks and freeing up that time to focus on the forward-thinking application and IT infrastructure improvements that their bosses want to see to help 'move the needle' for the business - and all the while, SolarWinds SAM is working to keep email functioning as it should," says Chris LaPoint, VP Product Management, SolarWinds.

The SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor is available for a free 30-day evaluation from the SolarWinds website. SAM starts at $2,995 and includes the first year of maintenance. AppInsight for Exchange is included in SAM and will be available at no additional cost for existing customers.

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