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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Extends Into Application Stack Management

By - Source: SolarWinds

Last week SolarWinds said its virtualization management solution, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, now integrates with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM). It provides management from VM to datastore, including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM sprawl control, configuration management, and chargeback automation. It starts at $2,995 and includes one year of maintenance.

According to the company, SolarWinds VM includes real-time dashboards for simplified forecasting, detection, and troubleshooting of performance problems and capacity bottlenecks. It also has proactive VM capacity planning and monitoring including "what if" scenario modeling, and VM sprawl identification to help reclaim and optimize space and reduce licensing costs. It also tracks and identifies VM and host configurations over time.

While integrated with SolarWinds SAM, the company's virtualization management solution provides users with end-to-end mapping and application-specific infrastructure views to simplify troubleshooting and performance management. It also adds the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor providing enhanced virtualization metrics, simplified navigation and single-pane-of-glass data, and SolarWinds Storage Manager providing visibility into the virtualization environment.

"Using the new integration with SolarWinds SAM, users can get an integrated view of the virtualized application stack including automatic slices of the virtual infrastructure supporting a given application or from the other side, the ability to see what applications are hitting a given virtual resource," the company states. "The virtualization admin can also instantly see what applications are dependent on a given virtual resource to ensure that issues are addressed before problems occur, avoiding finger-pointing across domains."

Even more virtualization metrics are provided when integrated with the Orion platform, the company says. It lets users monitor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) performance, quickly troubleshoot issues, and easily plan VDI rollouts. IT pros can quickly discover why applications are running so slow, which datastores are currently the busiest, how much CPU/memory/storage resources can be reclaimed, and more.

"At SolarWinds, we believe you should try our software before you buy," the company states, "That’s why we offer free trials that deliver full product functionality. Simply download and install the software and take a break while Virtualization Manager auto-discovers the virtual machines in your environment. When you get back, your monitoring environment will be waiting for you; complete with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, and more."

The company currently offers both a free trial and an interactive demo. As previously stated, pricing starts at $2,995 for up to eight sockets and extends up to 320 sockets for $52,995. Potential clients will need to call customer support for additional pricing above 320 sockets.

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