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Sophos Mobile Control 5 Features Simplified User-Based Security Model

By - Source: Sophos

Sophos Mobile Control 5 (SMC 5) simplifies mobile device management by allowing administrators to manage mobile device security settings based on users. SMC 5 now has the ability to manage iOS and Windows Phone as well Android devices, keeping personal and corporate data separate and automating many of the tasks typically associated with mobile security administration.

Dan Schiappa, SVP and GM of Sophos' Enduser Security Group, said, "With more workers choosing to use their personal devices for business, IT managers have been faced with the complexity of managing corporate security, and adhering personal data privacy laws. Managing upwards of four devices per user brings considerable risk into the business, and unnecessarily diverts precious IT resource. By focusing on the user permissions, and with remote management and self-service capability, SMC 5 sets a new standard for usability and simplicity. The redesigned user interface and intuitive workflows make security and management of mobile devices a simple task that takes minimal time."

Sophos Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables IT administrators to manage smartphones, laptops, or tablets by remotely managing individual user rights. By managing a single user rights policy, administrators are freed from the task of keeping track of each individual device when managing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) implementation. Device policies can be configured and then deployed over-the-air. Sophos MDM enforces passcodes and device encryption, while allowing administrators to build group-based compliance policies.

The Sophos Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution handles device administration starting from initial setup and enrollment all the way through device decommissioning. Sophos Mobile Application Management (MAM) is used to manage the apps employees use to do their jobs. Apps can be securely distributed to individual users or to groups.

Other key components of the SMC 5 suite include Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Email Management (MEM), and a mobile network access control module. The web-based SMC 5 console gives administrators access to all pertinent data and controls, and the included self-service portal allows users to register their devices, change passwords, and report lost or stolen devices.