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SOTI Expands MobiControl For Better BYOD Integration

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SOTI is one of the most recognized names in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and its MobiControl program is used by over 14,000 enterprise customers. But in the past, many organizations were using MobiControl for programs where the corporation owned the devices employees were using, taking total control over everything.

MobiControl 12.1: Android for Work And Samsung Knox, Together

Now, with the release of MobiControl 12.1, the program is able to integrate with Android for Work and Samsung KNOX, meaning that companies can easily create partitions on personal non-company-owned devices to keep work and play completely separate. Companies are still able to exhibit total control over the corporate side of the device and protect their intellectual property, and consumers know that their bosses can’t snoop on their private affairs inside their personal partition on devices that they own. The new version also features the ability to streamline the deployment of iOS devices, making integration of iOS into a corporate environment much easier.

"Everyone does a great job with their Enterprise Mobility Management, but where we are different, is that we do a lot more with advanced functionality," said Roula Vrsic, SOTI VP of Marketing. "I’ll give you an example; say you have an enterprise that has an R&D facility, and you are invited in to attend a meeting. I don’t want you taking pictures of any prototypes, so I can create a very granular geo-fence so that if you are using a device I manage, it can disable the camera while you are in the building.”

Using the new Android for Work support, companies using MobiControl 12.1 can further their existing control over Android devices. The biggest advantage is that companies can specify what apps are allowed to be installed on work devices, or within the company partition of the device. All other apps are prevented from even downloading into the work area.

Another advantage is the fact that MobiControl can now also monitor and control the flow of data into and out of the secure workspace. This would prevent proprietary or confidential data from moving to the personal workspace of the device or even accidentally being transmitted out by an approved application.

Android for Work with MobiControl 12.1 allows even greater control over application performance, including helping with safety issues like disabling texting while driving. "So you can say, I don’t want [the employee] using corporate email if he is moving more than 20 kilometers per hour," Vrsic said.

Android for Work also allows MobiControl to work seamlessly with almost every Android device, regardless of the manufacturer or the version of the operating system. It's also ready for brand new devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, so employees can begin using their new phones right away for both personal use and within their work environment.

Granularity And Choice

The addition of Samsung KNOX 2.4 takes that granular control and split work/home capabilities to the next level for MobiControl 12.1, totally locking down all administrative functionality on the work side of the environment while walling off the personal space. Separate billing can also be set up between the two partitions, so for a user it's almost like having two completely different devices rolled into one, all without the need to actually purchase two separate phones.

Although KNOX and Android for Work do about the same things in slightly different ways, for SOTI, offering both as part of MobiControl 12.1 simply opens up its EMM software to more users without forcing them into a program they don't want or aren't familiar with using.

"People want choice," Vrsic said. "Our customers, some of them are going to want Android for Work, and some of them are going to love KNOX. We are agnostic; it's all about choice."

The Android OS has always been a bit friendlier to third-party EMM programs than Apple's more locked-down iOS devices. While this is still the case, MobiControl 12.1 now supports streamlined iOS deployment. In the past, even a company that purchased its own iOS devices for employee use needed to have its IT administrator configure every single one to comply with corporate and security policies.

Now, MobiControl allows companies to configure and provision iOS devices in mass. In addition, users can begin working with those iOS devices right away, because enrollment on the corporate network is done automatically on pre-configured iPhones and tablets as part of Apple's Device Enrollment Program when they are initially activated, a process which is now also supported by MobiControl 12.1.

SOTI officials like to say that their EMM program allows for the use of any device on any operating system for any purpose. The addition of MobiControl 12.1 with support for Samsung KNOX, Android for Work, and more streamlined iOS deployment goes a long way to continuing to meet those goals in the modern, mobile workplace.