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SQL Server 2014 Coming To A Cloud Near You

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Just 14 months after the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has offered a sneak preview of SQL Server 2014 at last week’s Microsoft TechEd 2013, held in New Orleans.  Though there is no release date announced at this time, Quentin Clark, corporate VP with the Data Platform Group at Microsoft, stated “Our big data strategy to unlock real-time insights continues with SQL Server 2014".  That is to say, the key feature of 2014 is the addition of in memory, built-in OLTP.

Built upon their adopted "cloud-first principle", SQL 2014 features built-in, in-memory OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing), focusing on enhanced transaction processing speeds for big-data-style analytics, such as data warehousing and BI (Business Intelligence).  This technology was spawned from a project, codenamed "Hekaton", that has been in the works for several years.  In addition to the gains in speed, Hekaton also produces reduction in latency with its in-memory data in contrast to the disk-based data model previously used.

Other features include:

  • Enhanced AlwaysOn -- which will eliminate downtime for required mission critical availability by supporting 8 secondaries as opposed to 4;
  • seamless integration into Windows Azure for simplified cloud backup, disaster recovery and easy migration to Windows Azure Virtual Machines;
  • online indexing and statistics at the partition level;
  • updating of Columnstore Index;
  • IO, CPU and memory can now be controlled by the Resource Governor, and the SQL Server in-memory buffer pool can be extended to SSDs.

The SQL Server 2014 datasheet is now available for download at:

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