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StackStorm Brings Event-Driven Automation To Microsoft Azure And Windows Server

By - Source: StackStorm

StackStorm announced the availability of its StackStorm event-driven automation software as a Microsoft Azure certified solution. Current Windows Server and Microsoft Azure cloud customers can now use StackStorm to automate operations tasks.

StackStorm allows administrators to automate management tasks in loosely coupled, heterogeneous infrastructures using an event-driven management model and rules engine. Under this model, StackStorm sensors watch for external events and fire StackStorm triggers when the event happens. StackStorm is written in Python and had been previously available only to Linux/FreeBSD users, but as of version 0.9 a partnership with Microsoft was initiated to bring these capabilities to Microsoft Windows Server and Azure Cloud.

"StackStorm is eager to support the rapidly evolving community of users who seek to use event driven automation to deliver continuous integration, continuous deployment, auto remediation and more, across the entire spectrum of Windows Server, Linux and Free BSD infrastructure as well as across sundry cloud providers," said Evan Powell, co-founder and CEO, StackStorm.

Automations can start from existing scripts such as PowerShell in Windows or can be authored within StackStorm itself. Under the company's philosophy of "infrastructure as code," all content within StackStorm is abstracted into code, allowing companies to leverage existing code management processes.

The latest version of StackStorm includes the new Windows Integration pack that uses a feature of Windows Management Instrumentation known as WMI Query Language, a subset of ANSI SQL used in Windows management automation, to retrieve server metrics. Azure Support in StackStorm allows users to closely manage and monitor Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Blob persistent cloud storage units.

StackStorm is now generally available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Both production and free trial versions of the software are available, as well as complete pricing information.