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How to Stop Windows 10 from Rebooting After Updates

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

You walk away from your desk while a task is running. You come back and it's rebooted itself in the middle. Or, worse, you're sitting at your desk and Windows says it wants to reboot, but there's no way to postpone that update from loading. Super annoying. But, you can change some settings to fix that. 

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In Windows 10 you can now set active hours to prevent an update from running during your normal work hours. You can do that by clicking the Windows button on the bottom left of your screen. Click Update & Security > Windows Update > Change Active Hours. In the next pop-up you can set your normal start and end time. Then click Save. 

But what if you're running an overnight script or task? Those Active Hours won't help you. Search Cortana for Task Scheduler. Open that app, then open the menu tree for Microsoft and Windows. Click on UpdateOrchestrator. Click Reboot in the middle panel and Disable in the right box.