Beyond the Top 5: More Storage Certs

Best Storage Certifications for 2014
By , Mary Kyle

Beyond the top 5 storage certifications mentioned in this article, there are lots of other certification programs that can help to further the careers and professional development of IT professionals who work in the networked storage arena. In particular, take a look at the credentials that are available from:

And if you look around at (using the Certification Finder to search on Storage by Technology Area), you’ll find over 50 storage-related credentials listed there. Another 72 credentials that include “storage” in their names appear on Mirek Burnejko’s List of All IT Certifications at Those others that I didn’t mention here go beyond the 5 in this top 5 list. Many of these credentials come from the same sponsors as the items mentioned in this article, particularly Brocade, HDS, SNIA, and EMC.