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StorageX Aims to Simplify Storage Migration with New Update

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Data Dynamics has released an upgrade to its StorageX solution that includes upgrades and enhancements for tier 1 file storage environments from vendors such as EMC and NetApp. Data Dynamics also stated in the announcement on Tuesday that its 7.1 upgrade of StorageX adds enhancements to the software's project planning and security and reporting capabilities.

StorageX, a toolkit that runs on Windows Server, has a feature to match most situations that require an enterprise data center to move data from one storage environment to another. StorageX is storage system vendor neutral so the application can be used in data centers that have a mixed environment using multiple vendor hardware storage platforms. 

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Additionally, the StorageX platform provides automation tools to perform various functions. The company identified migration, consolidation and archiving features where the software can reduce time to deployment of new storage resources by up to 50 percent compared to manual and point-to-point solutions.StorageX architecture in action.StorageX architecture in action.For storage migration and consolidation projects the StorageX automation features can be used to free up and improve the utilization of both existing and new storage resources.

With the upgrade to version 7.1, the StorageX software includes more detailed planning, execution and monitoring capabilities that include:

  • Advanced Design Mode displays an exportable grid view of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specific target settings in StorageX Migration Project for modifying values individually or in bulk:

        -  Regulate volumes on block LUNs
        -  Define SnapMirror Source/Destination/Partner
        -  Adjust De-duplication ratios
        -  Set quota limits
        -  Change volume size/utilization

  • Security Style Filtering with user options to filter the source environment:

        -  Unix security compliance
        -  NTFS security compliance
        -  Concurrence with mixed operating system security standards

  • Exportable/Sortable/Filterable views and reports for selected storage resources:

        -   Monitor agent utilization and trends
        -  Oversee device exports, shares and overall activity
        -  Audit migration policies and execution

"StorageX puts greater control into the hands of storage administrators when moving large sets of file data by using our powerful project-based approach. Version 7.1 improves on our platform using a rules-based engine to analyze mappings and apply user-defined actions at a fine-drawn level. The result is a more robust offering that transitions storage management policies automatically and programmatically as required," said Piyush Mehta, CEO at Data Dynamics.

Data Dynamics StorageX version 7.1 upgrade is available now through Data Dynamics, Inc. technology partners, including EMC and NetApp. Pricing for the StorageX solution starts at $500 per migrated TB.


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