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Sumo Logic Delivers Microservice And Container Analytics To DevOps

By - Source: Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic announced the Sumo Logic Collector and the Sumo Logic Application for Docker at DockerCon SF 2015. The Sumo Logic Collector enables DevOps teams to collect statistics from Docker-based microservice architectures and applications. The Sumo Logic Application for Docker provides comprehensive analytics, allowing admins to identify and resolve critical issues.

The Sumo Logic Collector and Sumo Logic Application address the challenges faced by DevOps teams as they deal with challenges posed by the growing presence of microservice architectures. They must try to deal with the problem of how to monitor infrastructures composed of small, independent processes that communicate with each other via language-agnostic APIs.

"While building applications has become easier over the years due to the rise in adoption of IaaS and PaaS, the increasingly common nature of large-scale distributed applications and the abstraction introduced by containerization is making runtime monitoring and getting visibility into these architectures very complex," said Christian Beedgen, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sumo Logic. "The Sumo Logic Collector for Docker addresses these challenges and easily collects logs and statistics from Docker containers, as well as ingests event and configuration information to help with Docker container lifecycle management."

Leveraging the logging driver functionality of Docker 1.6, output from Docker container logs can be easily routed to the Sumo Logic Collector. The Sumo Logic Application provides real time dashboards and searches, allowing DevOps teams to closely monitor Docker events and statistics. A number of visualizations help communicate key performance indicators (KPIs) such as image usage, container actions, and faults, as well as hardware resource utilization stats.

Predictive analytics in Sumo Logic can anticipate problems before they occur and the Sumo Logic Search Query Language allows DevOps to create custom KPIs. Sumo Logic's patented LogReduce technology helps process massive amounts of application log data by reducing hundreds of thousands of events into groups based on recognized patterns.

The Sumo Logic Collector and Sumo Logic Application for Docker are now generally available and are downloadable from the Sumo Logic Web site.