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Sumo Logic Machine Data Analytics Platform Merges Logs And Metrics

By - Source: Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic announced a new data analytics platform that brings together the performance metrics for a cloud application and correlates those metrics with the log data. By bringing both the structured and the unstructured data into the same view, insights and analysis are made easier.

By keeping an eye on both the performance of an application as well as the log data, you can better see the direct connections. Whether you’re trying to find out if it was the latest code deployment that caused a performance hit or a whether it’s a hardware failure or denial of service attack, the ability to view these multiple data sources together improves both the root cause analysis and how quickly that analysis can be completed. 

With Sumo Logic’s enhanced platform, visibility of the entire stack is made available to the dashboards. This includes everything from the compute and network resources, available through Graphite; the cloud resources, available through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Watch; and the web servers and databases, including Apache and MySQL. Even information from the container level (Docker) and code deployments (Chef) are incorporated into the full view of logging and performance feedback that is analyzed.

Sumo Logic’s enhanced platform is expected to be released to general availability this Summer. However, many customers are signing up for early access, which is available now.