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Cartoon: King on IT - Watson Takes a Leave of Absence

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Watson's ability to understand natural language queries is its biggest strength, but the supercomputer is also capable of estimating confidence that its own responses are accurate and relevant to the questions being asked.  After winning on Jeopardy, IBM's Watson has been slowly making its way into the enterprise. Earlier this year, IBM announced the first line of Watson-based products aimed at the healthcare industry, but Watson has been busy doing other things as well (like advising Citigroup about risk models). Only time will tell how well Watson will do in IT.

Jerry King is an award-winning cartoonist with work appearing in thousands of magazines, websites and books for Disney, American Greetings, the United States Golf Association and much more. He is also the author of seven nationally published and an illustrator for ten books.

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