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How to Switch from Mac to Windows 10

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Microsoft hasn't officially released its new Mac to Surface Assistant, but it was spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat. The tool's title matches exactly what it does. You can download this tool here

When you load the platform migration tool, you first get a message about what it can transfer (photos, movies, documents, apps, music, downloads, etc.). You simply click Continue to get a screen where you can select each of those items you want to move over, including their size. Then you set a destination disk for the files, where the tool will create a Zip file. 

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For those who use cloud backup may not need such a tool, but for those who don't may find this method easier than hunting for files on your own. This isn't the first time Microsoft has sought to help people make the switch. It's Mac to Microsoft Surface page offers up tons of tips on how to make the switch. It promises Apple fans they will still have iTunes and iCloud on Surface.