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Synapse Intros Cloud Platform Based on Freescale T4240

By - Source: Synapse Design

Synapse Design launched a new cloud hardware platform, Cloud Store 4U96, for compute and cloud appliance storage markets. The company is currently in a pre-production phase, and expects to go into full production of the 4U96 in Q1 2015.

"We do expect this platform to be very price competitive," said Mike McKean, senior director for Synapse Design's Embedded Systems. "From a hardware perspective, the bulk of the cost is in the drives (especially if SSDs are used)." He added that the platform will be sold directly from the company at first, and then multiple channels later on.

Based on the Freescale T4240 network processor, the new cloud platform is highly configurable. The base specifications include 128 GB of RAM, four 10GbE channels, eight 1GbE channels, 24 processing threads and support for up to 96 TB of SSD storage. The platform also runs OpenStack Icehouse natively.

The 4U96 primarily has a scale out architecture for storage applications, McKean told Tom's IT Pro. For compute applications, the platform will support additional T4240 devices in the same system for added compute resources.

Synapse Design Cloud Store 4U96. Image courtesy of Synapse Design.Synapse Design Cloud Store 4U96. Image courtesy of Synapse Design.One of the company's key enablers is a fully embedded Linux distribution integrated specifically for the platform's environment, McKean explained in the press release. Later, he emphasized that it's a full Linux distribution and that the company is using Yocto as a base, an open source project that provides tools, templates and methods to create a customized Linux system. This build has additional board specific drivers and OpenStack library packages from Synapse.

To manage this system, users have a customized web UI running on top of OpenStack, which will continue to be refined. Support will also be provided to customers thanks to an extensive workforce located around the world, and a veteran staff that has extensive knowledge and expertise in storage.

"We are building our support structure around this expertise and around our geographic locations near large engineering centers of excellence," McKean said.

When asked about some of the benefits that the CloudStore gets from using the Freescale T4240 network processor, McKean said that the networking nature of the device handles the networking functionality in an "elegant," highly efficient way.

"Networking acceleration and aggregation to 40 GbE, VNC, TCP offload, and internal networking management features ensure the best networking performance possible," he said. "We can scale deployments with this connectivity as well (single controller node, many compute nodes). And core compute performance is lower power than other architectures."

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