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Synametrics Releases Syncribox, A Cloud-Based File Sharing Feature For Syncrify

By - Source: Synametrics Technologies

Synametrics Technologies has released a file sharing solution built on top of Syncrify, its cloud backup solution that synchronizes backups to the cloud from Mac OS, Linux and Windows computers. Syncribox is similar to other file-sharing solutions such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox, with some key differentiators in the areas of privacy and storage limits. 

Syncrify utilizes a client- and server-based solution that allows organizations a way to synchronize their backups to the cloud. Additionally, once in the cloud, the files can be accessed by the organization's users via web browser from any machine. The backing up of data from the client workstations is done through the Syncrify client, which uses HTTPS-based file transfers and scheduling features built into the operating systems to archive files onto the Syncrify server. All traffic between client and server is delivered securely with SSL. 

The Syncrify server is an additional installation, but the product itself is free. Only the Syncrify clients have a cost associated with the license. Administration on the Syncrify server is done through a web-based console, where users can be created and managed, and usage reports can be generated. The Syncrify server establishes connections to the cloud and saves a copy of the backups stored on the server automatically. Like the client to server communications, the files are transferred via SSL And HTTPS, which simplifies administration because most corporate firewalls already allow HTTPS outbound traffic. 

The established feature set of Syncrify cloud backups lends itself well to the file sharing solution. Because the files are already stored in the cloud, putting in place a mechanism for sharing those files is a natural extension. With Syncribox, users with the Syncrify client installed can create shared access to their files with minimal configuration.  

Syncribox users get some extra benefits that may not be available from other file-sharing solutions. Because the file delivery method is the Syncribox server, you have the ability to administer and control the file-sharing solution. With Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, you use only the service and have no control of the delivery.  

But the biggest difference between Syncribox and other file sharing solutions is the price. Because it's included with the price of the Syncrify client, there is no additional fee for synchronizing and sharing large files. There is no difference between saving a few small files and many gigabytes worth of files. 

And whereas most cloud-based software includes a monthly or annual subscription, the licenses for Syncrify client are perpetual licenses. The only recurring cost is the support, which allows access to normal support channels and product upgrades. Without the support license, you can continue to use the existing versions of the software, but your support options are limited to public forums. 

Syncrify client and server, including the Syncribox file sharing feature, is available now.