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Synology Releases DiskStation Manager Version 5.2

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Synology released the latest update to DiskStation Manager (DSM 5.2), the operating system for the company's DiskStation and RackStation network attached storage (NAS) appliances. Jason Bonoan, product market manager at Synology, said that with this update, the company, "…designed DSM 5.2 to help customers get the most all around value out of their storage."

Security, the cloud, and better data management take center stage in this release. First, new Smart Recycling and Single File Versioning features combine to automatically delete redundant file versions without accidental data loss. Then, iSCSI LUN snapshots provide a fast and efficient way to back up entire virtual machines. However, such snapshots tend to take up a lot of space, so DiskManager 5.2's new retention policy allows for a fine-tuned snapshot storage strategy to avoid wasting space on unnecessary snapshots.

The Cloud Sync feature now offers a one-way sync option to prevent unauthorized file updates and the propagation of user errors. In addition, Cloud Sync allows data to be encrypted before it's transferred to the cloud. DSM 5.2 now offers SMB 3 as an additional security encryption method.

On the virtualization side, DiskStation Manager 5.2 now offers support for Docker, allowing system administrators to create and deploy applications within Docker containers.

In addition to the file, cloud, and virtualization enhancements, DSM 5.2 also offered several updates to the included applications such as Note Station, DS note, DS audio, DS photo+ and Audio Station.

Updates to Note Station and DS Note improve the organization and creation of to-do lists by categorizing notes into notebooks, and notebooks into shelves. Meanwhile, the audio applications benefit from enhancements to allow better streaming and playlist organization.

Finally, on the performance side of things, the company said that new SSD caching methods now use 90 percent less memory than in version 5.1, which reduces the amount of memory necessary for most users.

As is customary for the company's updates, the 5.2 upgrade is free to all users who own a DiskStation, RackStation or Embedded DataStation x10 series or above. To download the new version, visit Synology's DSM update page.