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Synology DiskStation Manager 5.2 Beta Features Improved Performance, Management, Security and Backup

By - Source: Synology

Synology announced the release of DiskStation Manager 5.2 Beta, the company's Network Attached Storage (NAS) operating system. The new version features improvements to management, performance, security and disaster recovery.

"Several state-of-the-art technologies have emerged in recent years. With DSM 5.2, we want to extend their benefits to all our users," said Derren Lu, CEO of Synology Inc. "More than perfecting the operating system with better performance and reliability, we also want to bring new ways of thinking to some of its core aspects, such as data management and application serving."

Synology DiskStation Manager 5.2 Beta's Docker integration allows Docker containers to be shipped with Synology NAS, allowing users to take advantage of Docker's application management features. A Single Sign On (SSO) feature simplifies security within a domain. Synology's File Station file management tool now allows users to view files on public clouds.

The Synology Cloud Station software allows users to sync files from Synology NAS to any device. A new smart polling enables increased performance requiring less bandwidth. New features allow for encryption of synced files, and one-way sync to Amazon S3 or WebDAV storage.

DiskStation Manager offers more flexible file restoration options, including the ability to restore individual files. New multimedia file supports file preview during download, and adds playback support for Chromecast and DLNA TVs.

AppArmor protection prevents the execution of malicious software while SMB 3 encryption enables secure file transfers to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, protecting file transfers across networks.

A demo site for the new DiskStation Manager 5.2 Beta is available at