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Sysdig's ContainerVision Docker Monitoring Now Works In On-Prem Data Centers

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Sysdig has announced the general availability of a container-native monitoring solution that has the ability to monitor, alert and aid troubleshooting efforts for container environments like Docker in on-premises data centers.

The announcemtn comes at a time where container technology is becoming more pervasive in enterprise data centers. Many organizations have already begun implementing container services to enable a consistent application deployment; and many more are beginning to evaluate if and how containers can play a role within their environments.

However, containers by themselves are only one part of the whole data center and application deployment picture. Along with the containers themselves there is a large supporting cast of services that work together to make the ecosystem more functional and robust. By implementing Sysdig ContainerVision, Docker users are able to see and report on the infrastructure that is running Docker, and also the actual containers themselves.  

As organizations complete an initial proof-of-concept with containers, and start look at implementing them at scale to deploy micro-services or applications, it's common for an evaluation to take place on where to host the environment. While the cloud makes it very easy to spin up development and evaluation environments, oftentimes it comes down to the cost of the monthly service subscription as to where the service should be hosted, especially in cases where the expenses associated with setting up a data center have already been made.

"Many enterprises have large existing data center investments," said Apurva Dave, vice president of marketing at Sysdig. "A combination of these existing capital investments, security requirements, and compliance requirements are compelling enterprises to build internal platforms-as-a-service (PaaS). Enterprises are demanding monitoring solutions that can run alongside their PaaS infrastructure, as opposed to running in the vendor’s cloud."

Sysdig, which initially offered ContainerVision through Amazon Web Services (AWS), is not abandoning the cloud to get into the data center. Instead, the offerings in the cloud are still available and the addition of the data center implementation expands the reach Sysdig offers while still looking at the bigger picture.

"Whether customers are using Kubernetes, Mesos, Openshift, or internally-developed container management software, Sysdig can leverage its ability to deeply understand orchestration metadata to effectively monitor microservices built on containers," said Chris Crane, Sysdig's vice president of product. "Sysdig can also be used in hybrid cloud situations, providing consistent visibility across Amazon, Google, and Azure in addition to private clouds."

Sysdig on-premises is available immediately. For more information, visit