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Sysdig, Mesosphere Bring ContainerVision To DCOS

By - Source: Sysdig

Sysdig has teamed up with Mesosphere to bring ContainerVision to the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS). This makes the extensive metadata used by DCOS available to both the open source Sysdig and to Sysdig Cloud, a commercial offering. This benefits organizations that are building out their containerized application infrastructure, especially those already using DCOS, by enabling the Sysdig solutions to increase visibility into not only the containers but the underlying infrastructure.

Sysdig has been peeking into container infrastructure on Amazon web services since late in 2015. Coming in a free open-source version as well as the commercially available Sysdig Cloud, Sysdig uses ContainerVision to pierce the veil of the containers and, through analysis of the metadata, provide insights into what’s going on across an entire container ecosystem.

Soon after its initial release, Sysdig widened the scope of what it can bring into view by including Kubernetes support. Using Kubernetes, organizations can better manage containers at scale by performing operations such as orchestrated deployments and defining relationships between containers.

“Microservices and containerization represent the next great platform shift for software developers in the enterprise,” said Loris Degioanni, CEO and founder of Sysdig. “While containers deliver efficiency and agility for developers, they introduce additional complexity for monitoring, troubleshooting, and operating production environments. We’re pleased to partner with Mesosphere to overcome these challenges.”

With this announcement, Sysdig once again takes on more of the datacenter running those containers. Mesosphere’s DCOS is an Apache Mesos implementation that works like a clustering service or a private cloud operating system, managing dozens to thousands of nodes into a single organism of compute, storage and networking. Built into those components is a collection of metadata, which provides identifiable information about the nodes as well as health and resource utilization, all readable and used by Sisdig to give an even better view of the container’s utilization.

The end result is that Devops and System Administrators can leverage these monitors to identify problem nodes in the datacenter and the underlying root causes. Not only that, but those monitors can also slice and dice the information based on which of those nodes have containers on them that are running a particular application.

“As enterprises move to deliver applications and services in containers," Degioanni added, "they are not only looking for seamless technology integration among vendors, but also simplicity in acquiring and supporting these products. Sysdig is committed to working closely with Mesosphere to ensure this simplicity for our customers.”

Sysdig and Mesosphere DCOS are both available now.