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CoreOS Tectonic Eases Adoption Of Kubernetes 1.0

By - Source: CoreOS

CoreOS announced the release of Tectonic Preview, coordinating with today's release of Kubernetes 1.0. Tectonic Preview is meant to help companies implement a Google-style infrastructure with Kubernetes, in which a collection of machines can be utilized as a single large computing resource. Tectonic combines Kubernetes cluster management, the CoreOS operating system and Docker container technology. Tectonic Preview also gives subscribers access to support, documentation and training to help organizations get started quickly with Kubernetes.

"For companies that want to get started using Kubernetes and run their applications in the same way Google runs today, CoreOS has the product and support offerings to make you successful," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. "By signing up for the Tectonic preview, using our Kubernetes open source guides or registering for our Kubernetes training courses, CoreOS is helping companies take advantage of the power of containers and transform their application development and deployment processes."

Kubernetes is an open source project created by Google that implements a cluster management, networking, and naming system featuring APIs that allow users to manage app infrastructure with consistency and fault tolerance. Tectonic beta was introduced by CoreOS in April 2015 as a Kubernetes + CoreOS + Docker platform and features a management console, an integrated registry, and deployment tools designed to help businesses take advantage of the inherent efficiency and agility of container technology.

Tectonic Preview can run on Amazon Web Services, in a customer's data center, or in a hybrid cloud configuration, enabling efficient utilization of all computing resources. The Preview version is generally available during the preview period at a subscription price of $1,500 on a month-to-month basis. With this version, customers receive 24x7 enterprise-ready support from CoreOS, access to the Kubernetes guides, and Kubernetes training provided by partners Google and Intel.

Tectonic also outlined plans for the first Tectonic Summit, which is to take place December 2-3, in New York City. The conference will highlight stories from early adopters and is intended to educate business users on the benefits of the technology.