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Tegile Launches New Hybrid and Flash Storage Systems

By - Source: Tegile Systems

This week Tegile Systems introduced the T3400 and the T3800, two intelligent flash storage arrays that are based on the company's third-generation IntelliFlash architecture. The T3400 is a hybrid flash array combining SSDs and HDDs whereas the T3800 uses high-density enterprise-class SSDs. Both are available now through the company's reseller partners. See Tegile in our Hybrid Storage Vendors and Comparison Guide

The T3400 is Tegile's flagship hybrid system, according to the company, and features a storage architecture that's half SSD and half HDD, which means a 20X increase in flash density when compared to previous models. The base configuration consists of 22 TB of flash storage and a 2.2 TB metadata accelerated engine. However, customers can upgrade the SSD expansion shelves with 48 or 144 raw TB, or upgrade the HDD expansion shelves with 24 or 72 raw TB.

The T3800 contains high-density enterprise solid-state drives that are designed to support applications that rely on extremely high performance at low latency for very long periods of time. A list of features include a 5x data reduction that delivers a little over $1 per GB, a 1 PB per drive endurance, and 55 effective TB per U.

A list of specs reveal that the T3400 has four Xeon E5-2450 processors, 192 GB of memory and 28.2 TB of flash memory. The minimum raw capacity is 26 TB, the max raw capacity with expansion shelves is 314 TB, the minimum effective capacity is 130 TB and the max effective capacity with expansion shelves is 1 PB.

As for the T3800, the specs are similar; four Xeon E5-2450 processors, 192 GB of memory, and 48 TB of flash memory. Additional features include a minimum raw capacity of 48 TB, a max raw capacity with expansion shelves is 336 TB, a max effective capacity of 240 TB and a max effective capacity with expansion shelves of 1.68 PB.

Both models sport a 2U form factor, and come bundled with the company's flash optimization software, IntelliFlash. Also included is a comprehensive data management suite that contains snapshots, remote replication and VM-aware management tools.

"All Tegile products, including the T3400 and T3800, are available through Tegile’s consumption-based leasing, Tegile’s Agility Pricing Program, paying only for the amount of data space utilized -- as low as 20.6 cents per GB a month," according to the company's announcement. "The program was designed for cost-conscious customers who are interested in leveraging cloud economics but who are unwilling or unable to relinquish control of their data to third-party providers at pricing competitive to Amazon S3."

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