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CTNS: Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist

Best Telecommunications Certifications For 2017

The Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) certification offered by the Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) is aimed at project team members, managers, analysts, planners and developers who understand telecom networking fundamentals, including services and infrastructure requirements. A CTNS usually works for a telecommunications services provider, reseller or telecom equipment manufacturer.

Achieving the CTNS requires attending six courses and then passing the respective exams. Exam topics cover traditional telephony, wireless communications, carrier networks and a host of more general networking topics, such as the OSI reference model and protocols, Ethernet LANs, virtual networking, networking equipment, and addressing.

All exams and courses are administered by Teracom Training Institute (TTI). Candidates can purchase a certification package that includes all six courses, along with unlimited passes through the courseware and exam repeats, as well as a pass guarantee, for $219.

TCO also offers the Certified IP Telecom Network Specialist (CIPTS) certification, which is designed for project team members, managers, analysts and so on who understand telecom networking fundamentals, services and infrastructure requirements. The CIPTS focuses on IP networking and not on telephony or wireless. TCO cites AT&T software developers working on nationwide IP VPN services as an example of the type of professional who acquires this certification.

CTNS Facts & Figures

Certification Name
Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS)
Prerequisites & Required Courses
Six required courses:
  • 2201 POTS and the PSTN

  • 2206 Wireless Telecommunications

  • 2212 The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks

  • 2211 Ethernet, LANs and VLANs

  • 2213 IP Networks, Routers and Addresses

  • 2214 MPLS and Carrier Networks
Number of Exams
Six (one per course; most exams are 10 questions, multiple choice, 70 percent passing score)
Cost per Exam
$219 for certification package (includes all six courses with unlimited course and exam repeats)

Courses and exams administered by Teracom Training Institute (TTI):
Self-Study Materials
Course outlines and objectives contained on respective exam pages. Previews, free lessons and interactive tutorials available from TTI. There is also a self-study textbook available in print and e-book formats.