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Tableau Now Supports Teradata OLAP Connector

By - Source: Teradata

Business analytics software company Tableau Software and analytics platform company Teradata announced this week that the Tableau Business Intelligence tool now supports the Teradata OLAP Connector for rapidly accessing and analyzing data stored in Teradata warehouses. This direct connection eliminates data extraction and loading times, and eliminates the need to store data locally in another file. The connector also promises reduced IT workloads because users can do more on their own.

"Teradata OLAP Connector for Tableau enables analysts to connect to an optimized business intelligence semantic layer in the Teradata Database that can be leveraged to do visual exploration of the data in Tableau. It also provides simplified and shareable access enabling the business users to focus on the analysis and exploration of their data," Teradata said on Wednesday. "This approach also helps IT organizations to control and manage access to the data within the Teradata Database."

The company said the new connector for Tableau can be implemented by customers, by Teradata Consulting, or by Claraview, Teradata's business intelligence and analytics consultancy division. Claraview consultants are Teradata Certified Professionals and are experts in designing and deploying business intelligence solutions.

The OLAP Connector provides a built-in secured connection between the Teradata database and Tableau business analytics software thanks to existing Teradata access authentication and authorization rules. The OLAP Connector comes bundled with a database administrator tool used to easily setup and deploy the analytic schemas and integrate with Teradata security. These schemes are stored in a central repository on the Teradata Database and are sharable for all users with the proper access rights, the company said.

"Even the best self-service analysis applications are only as good as the data they access and the speed of the analytics. The Teradata OLAP Connector for Tableau provides our customers with another way to access the data directly in the data warehouse. This provides the most comprehensive view of the enterprise," said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management, Tableau Software.

Tableau 8.0 seems to be the latest version of the company's business analytics software. The updated solution includes a new Forecasting capability with built-in statistical models to forecast data including models that account for seasonality and trends. The software also includes dashboard subscriptions, allowing the Tableau Server to send them directly to the user's inbox on a daily or weekly basis. The tool also includes a new JavaScript API for creating web applications that can integrate fully interactive Tableau content.

For more information about Tableau 8.0, head here.

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