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Software Defined Data Center Bursting The Virtual Bubble?

By - Source: 451 Research

A recent study conducted by TheInfoPro shows that spending on IT infrastructure will slow over the next several years as attention shifts to software defined data centers. The hottest technology to be adopted will be cloud platforms, followed by automation and management functions required for production and virtualized data servers.

According to the study, Cisco, EMC, HP, Oracle and VCE stand out as the vendors with the most upside opportunity for integrated infrastructure; Fusion-io stands out for the solid-state disk and EMC perspective; and then Dell, HP and IBM as server vendors. VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and OpenStack all receive attention regarding cloud platforms, and VMware and Microsoft get the most mentions regarding data center management and automation functions.

"Integrated infrastructure offerings are now gaining strong acceptance in their various forms," reads the report. "General-purpose offerings include unified computing and converged infrastructure, which are currently in use by 32% and 17% of respondents, respectively. In the next two years, a further 10 percent and 16 percent of respondents will be actively considering each of these technologies."

TheInfoPro survey reveals that the highest spending areas in 2013 are focused on the management and automation of virtualized data centers. For 2014, cloud platforms jump to the top of the pack with 30 percent planning increased spending. However, there is an overall slowdown in spending expected in 2014 compared with 2013 across all infrastructure technologies. The standout in both years is the x86 rack-format server, with 35 percent of respondents projecting less spending in this area in 2013 and 41 percent in 2014, the survey reveals.

What has yet to gain any noticeable market traction is the micro server, which is shooting to become the next generation of server architectures for scale-out workloads. However micro servers are receiving some attention for possible future deployment by 5 percent of respondents, the survey shows. Server professionals are also switching their attention to the software required to run cloud-ready data centers, with spending increasing across the board in 2014 as compared with 2013, almost the exact opposite of the situation for infrastructure technologies.

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"As organizations move beyond virtualization of production workloads, attention is shifting towards the management and automation of the software defined data center," said Peter ffoulkes, TheInfoPro's Research Director for Servers and Virtualization. "Over the next two years, the foundations for enterprise cloud computing will be deployed with cloud platforms standing out as the hottest technology and the most critical strategic decision to be made."

TheInfoPro published its finding is a November 2013 report, which identifies the key data center infrastructure initiatives of leading organizations while examining market factors and major players. The annual study is based on live interviews with IT professionals and primary decision makers at large and midsize enterprises in North America and Europe.

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