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Tintri VMstore Line to Support Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

By - Source: Tintri

Tintri is establishing its virtual machine (VM) vendor neutrality status by adding support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV). The company announced last week it will be demonstrating its VMstore solution for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) just in time for Red Hat Summit 2014, which starts today in San Francisco.

VMstore is a "VM-aware" storage system that currently supports VMware's vSphere solution; Tintri is expanding to Red Hat's customer base by positioning itself as a neutral solution in the VM market.

In support of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMstore allows customers to:

  • Quickly setup without complex storage configuration or tuning. Administrators work with vDisks rather than LUNs (Logical Unit Number) and volumes. Allows for the creation of hundreds of zero-space VM clones for faster VM provisioning for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and testing.
  • Scalability from tens to thousands of VMs with VM level quality of service and performance allocation through use of customizable policies and snapshots.
  • End-to-end management with the ability to quickly identify performance problems on the hypervisor, network, and storage levels.
  • For data protection and disaster recovery, the organization can create per-VM data protection and disaster recovery with WAN replication that can reduce WAN bandwidth usage by as much as 95 percent with global deduplication and compression.

"Tintri brings to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization deployments the unique VM level monitoring and data management capabilities that hundreds of customers already enjoy in VMware vSphere environments. Red Hat customers can now benefit from the only hypervisor-neutral storage platform with VM-awareness and adaptive learning capabilities to support hundreds of mixed workloads -- servers, VDI, dev & test -- concurrently on a single Tintri VMstore," said Ken Klein, Chairman and CEO, Tintri. "Customers can also deploy both vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization on a single VMstore at the same time. With this announcement, Tintri is further distancing itself from other storage vendors that retrofit legacy storage architectures operating at LUN and volume level with bolted-on hypervisor integrations that do not meet the demands of virtualized environments, let alone cloud computing environments."

As both Tintri and Red Hat indicate, organizations will be able to run Red Hat's Enterprise Virtualization next to VMware VMs on a VMstore with VM data management across the infrastructure. Tintri smart storage can adapt to the needs of mixed workloads while still maintaining sub-millisecond latencies.


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