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Trustwave Intros New Cloud-based Ethical Hacking Service

By - Source: Trustwave

A new subscription-based penetration testing service is now available from Trustwave to identify security weaknesses within networks and applications. The new solution, called Trustwave Managed Security Testing, enables businesses to schedule, manage and adjust penetration tests based on their business priorities and security needs using a cloud-based portal.

"Today's threats are stealthier and more hostile than ever so businesses must consistently update their security plans to stay in front of potential attacks. With mere point-in-time testing -- testing that occurs just once or twice a year -- businesses could unknowingly leave a network or application exposed to an attacker and possibly face a costly, damaging attack," said Andy Bokor, General Manager, Threat Intelligence & Research at Trustwave.

The product page reveals that Managed Security Testing provides Trustwave SpiderLabs' web application security testing and network penetration testing services. Four maintenance tests included with each tier of testing provide continual insight into the security of an application or network. Trustwave will demonstrate actual exploitable vulnerabilities with methods employed by real-world attackers and provide an interactive deliverable detailing both tactical and strategic recommendations for remediation.

As a part of the Managed Security Testing subscription, users can enroll a target in minutes and schedule a test in less than "five clicks". Upon completion of the test, interactive reporting is available in the portal. Users can identify their testing budget and allocate it as they see fit, and the account balance depletes with each application or network that is enrolled. This budget can be refilled at any time.

This new solution is part of the Trustwave TrustKeeper cloud and managed security services platform, which provides a variety of subscription-based Trustwave offerings ranging from enterprise-grade managed security services to compliance and security automation tools for small- and medium-sized businesses. Managed Security Testing is part of the company's expansion of the TrustKeeper platform to deliver automated, sustainable and cost-effective data protection, risk management and threat intelligence.

"With Trustwave Managed Security Testing, we leverage our cloud-based TrustKeeper platform to help customers more easily tap our security testing tools augmented by our ethical hackers to address complex attack scenarios, find vulnerabilities within their security, and remediate those vulnerabilities to strengthen their overall security posture," Bokor added.

To get started with Managed Security Testing, head here. To see how this solution works, check out the video below.

Managed Security Testing (MST)

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