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Ubiquiti Steps Up The Wireless Service Provider Game

By - Source: Ubiquiti Networks Press Release

On Monday Ubiquiti Networks, Inc introduced its next-generation airMAX, airFiber and EdgeMAX products. These network communication devices will reportedly enable wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to provide broadband Internet access to millions of homes and businesses. The company also introduced the beta release of the Ubiquiti World Network, an alliance of WISPs.

"We believe fixed wireless access technology is among the most cost effective and capital-efficient ways to bring Internet connectivity to underserved communities around the world," said Robert J. Pera, CEO at Ubiquiti Networks. "With our next-generation infrastructure platform, our WISP customers can tap into a large, high growth market that is uniquely positioned to help close the digital divide and create greater social equality."

According to a list of features, the airMAX NanoBeam CPE family is based on the airMAX TDMA protocol. It  features noise immunity, an "innovative" mechanical design for rapid deployment, and two different form factors for deployment flexibility: Dish Reflector with InnerFeed Technology and three models (2.4 GHz 400 mm, 5 GHz 400 mm, 5 GHz 300 mm), and an All-In-One design. Other highlights include a compact form factor with integrated antenna and radio, and two models: 5GHz 16dB1, 5GHz 19dBi.

The company also introduced airFiber 5, the latest member of airFiber family, operating in the unlicensed 5 GHz band. airFiber 5 features include high performance point-to-point wireless for both carrier backhauls and building-to-building enterprises, high performance 1.0+ Gbps aggregate throughput, and an innovative xRT (eXtended Range Technology) that provides a range of 100+km. AirFiber 5 can be rapidly deployed with Radio Alignment Display and a cradle mounting system, and builds on proven airFiber technologies. This solution is priced at $2,000 per link.

Finally the company introduced two new EdgeMAX routing and switching models for the network edge, the EdgeRouter and EdgeRouter Pro. Features include two million packet per second throughput, two SFP ports on the Pro model, and an 8 port, rack mountable Ethernet switch form factor.

Ubiquiti also unveiled the beta version of Ubiquiti World Network (beta), a global alliance of individual wireless Internet service providers. According to the company, this group is working toward a single vision that leverages a unified technology platform, sales and marketing assets, advertising, and political advocacy to help foster growth and innovation among WISPs.

"During the beta phase, WISPs will be able to join the Ubiquiti World Network, describe their service plans and geographical coverage, and access co-branded marketing tools developed by Ubiquiti. Consumers will be invited to use the Ubiquiti World Network to more easily discover wireless broadband providers in their area," reads the company's press release.

WISPS can now sign up right here.


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