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Unidesk Extends OS, Application Layering To RDS Hosts In Azure And Hyper-V

By - Source: Unidesk

Today at Microsoft's Ignite conference, Unidesk announced that its application and operating system layering technology is going to be extended to Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host servers running on Hyper-V and Azure.

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) servers allow for multiple users to make connections into a single server via remote desktop connection or RemoteApp.

One of the primary problems that Unidesk looks to solve with its technology is that when you’ve got multiple applications running on your RDSH, or you’ve got multiple RDSH servers to manage, updating the images becomes cumbersome.

The approach that Unidesk takes breaks the OS and the applications into separate “layers” which can be combined to each RDSH server. Because a layer can be assigned to multiple servers, you only need to update the OS or the application in a single place, and then apply that layer to the servers that need the upgraded application or OS.

Unidesk has been using this layering technology to streamline deployments of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. The difference between VDI and RDSH is that within a VDI environment, each user is presented with their own instance of a desktop. In a RDSH environment, a single desktop is shared, so there is no “personalization” of the environment.

Now that its layering technology is expanding from VDI to RDSH, Unidesk will be able to offer the service to customers on either their private Hyper-V infrastructure or their public clouds in Microsoft Azure.

Andrew Conway, senior director for the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility group at Unidesk described the service as a way to improve both the delivery and the management for those Hyper-V and Azure customers looking to implement RDSH.

Customers that are considering RDSH in their Hyper-V or Azure environments can sign up for a trial of the Unidesk platform here. General availability is expected in Q2 2015 through Unidesk’s solution partners.

Unidesk is a privately held company headquartered in Marlboro, Massachusetts.