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Skype In The Workspace Finally Out of Beta

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Skype In The Workspace Finally Out of BetaSkype In The Workspace Finally Out of Beta

Ural Cebeci, Product Marketing Manger at Skype, said in a blog on Thursday that Skype in the Workspace (SITW) is now open to the public.

It's a free-to-use online platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can establish an instant connection with potential customers, partners and suppliers across the globe.

"Skype in the Workspace brings you closer than ever before to the customers, partners, suppliers and prospects that you need in order to be successful. No matter what your business or where you're based, joining the Skype community allows you to make valuable personal connections in real-time, face-to-face," Cebeci said.

The new platform is ideal for new startup companies, offering a wide range of on-hand experts and consultants to provide best practice and guidance. For starters, new users can click 'add a service' and create an offer to publicly demonstrate their services. The Skype team will not only promote the startup's profile page across social networks, but seek out the right SITW members for discovering the startup's services and products.

For more established businesses, the new Skype platform provides promotional tools, not to mention loads of new business relationships to be made. Once signed up, these businesses can connect with other users and schedule Skype sessions to present their products or services. Afterward the contact can provide a testimonial, helping companies build their portfolio of endorsements.

The best part about SITW, Cebeci said, is the simplicity of the platform, offered in a single, web-based interface so that business can be conducted online without having to download and install a desktop client.

"SITW is designed to be simple and straightforward for small businesses to use." he said. "Users can sign up in just 30 seconds using their LinkedIn profile, and sharing tools on the site allow users to share their latest business activities with their online network via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And, whether it is video calling with Skype or by booking appointments to meet with new connections, it can all be done within the Skype in the Workspace environment."

Cebeci added that SITW is also available to the general public, not just for businesses. Consumers can use the service as a global directory of companies so that they can search and instantly connect with businesses no matter where they're located.

"At Skype, we believe there's an opportunity for small business owners to share experiences with and learn from each other. This is why we are opening the Skype in the Workspace platform to the public," he said.

To get started, head here.

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