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Unisys Unveils Most Powerful Clearpath Dorado Systems Ever

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Unisys announced the ClearPath Dorado 8300 series. The new series, the most powerful in the ClearPath Dorado line, completes the transition of the ClearPath line of systems onto Intel-based processors from a proprietary processor technology.

The ClearPath Dorado 8300 takes over from the 800 series as the top of the high-end systems in the ClearPath family. Compared to the 800s, the new 8300 delivers more powerful processing and networking operations, with performance quadrupling between the two systems.

The transition to Intel-based processors has been a project spanning a decade. With its completion, Unisys customers have a hardware infrastructure supporting the investment in Unisys software that will extend far into the foreseeable future.

There are currently two models in the 8300 series. The 8380 is a fixed cost model that includes the server and software together in a traditional licensing mode. The 8390 uses resource metering software to enable a flexible licensing model in which you pay only for the resources you use.

At the heart of all ClearPath systems is the software suite. The 8300 series runs ClearPath OS 2200, an integrated suite of 110 software products. All 8300 systems also utilize the Forward! by Unisys platform, which is a container-like system built upon the application fabric architecture. Each system is capable of running up to 28 nodes, with each node able to run 30 application partitions to ensure that each application running in Forward! has access to the system resources that it requires.

"By establishing the fabric infrastructure as the new core of ClearPath systems, we have laid the foundation for software-defined data centers," said Jim Thompson, chief engineer, Unisys.

Upgrading to the new Intel-based systems should not worry customers with processes built for the previously used proprietary processors. The new systems can run applications written for earlier Intel- and CMOS-based Dorado models without modification.

Other highlights of the ClearPath Dorado 8300 series are its ability to cluster. Clusters of ClearPath systems running OS 2200 can have up to six systems accessing the same record of a shared database without contention issues. Additionally, the Dorado 8300 is able to participate in clusters with earlier versions of ClearPath systems, whether they are running CMOS processors such as the 800 series or other Intel-based processors such as the Dorado 6300 series.

Unisys ClearPath Dorado 8300 series systems are scheduled to be available on May 29, 2015.