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Unisys' ClearPath Line Adds Intel Based Mainframes

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Unisys clearly wants you to forget what you've heard about mainframes facing extinction. With an already comprehensive mainframe offering in the ClearPath product line, Unisys announced this week new ClearPath models scheduled for availability on June 30, 2014. These twelve new Intel-based systems use software-defined architecture (SDA) to outperform proprietary predecessors. SDA development and popularity is rising, according to Gartner's Yefim V. Natis, VP & Fellow, following on the heels of technologies like software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined storage (SDS).

ClearPath Libra 6300 Series of SystemsClearPath Libra 6300 Series of SystemsUsing an advanced fabric architecture based on industry-standard Intel Xeon family processors, Unisys notes their customers will see greater power and flexibility in a modern and highly secure environment. Unisys describes the architecture as a software-based "fabric" architecture that "connects computing resources and components through high-speed interconnects, enabling organizations to create systems of exceptional scalability and power." The architecture uses Unisys secure partitioning (s-Par) technology and provides a common platform for clients to securely run their ClearPath applications alongside Linux and Windows applications. 

The announcement came with emphasis on new additions to the Unisys ClearPath line:

  • Dorado systems include the new high-end 6380/6390, mid-range 4380/4390 and entry-level 4350/4370 models based on the ClearPath OS 2200 operating environment. The Dorado systems deliver up to four times the input/output performance of comparable CMOS-based predecessors while using 90 percent fewer I/O processors.
  • Libra systems include the high-end 8380/8390 and 6380/6390 and the mid-range 4380/4390 models based on the ClearPath MCP operating environment and top the computing performance of CMOS-based predecessors by up to 55 percent.

Under the hood of these new systems is the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2. According to Intel, these processors have up to 50 percent higher performance, help eliminate network bottlenecks with fast data movement in a virtual environment, and have strengthened security and compliance using Intel Security Technologies, including hardened and faster data protection for virtual data centers and clouds.

"Unisys has taken an impressive step with the new ClearPath fabric-based infrastructure. With the significant performance enhancements the new ClearPath models deliver, Unisys is clearly demonstrating the power of the Intel Xeon processor technology as a platform that brings new levels of power and flexibility to clients’ mission-critical enterprise applications. We are confident that our ongoing collaboration with Unisys will lead to further breakthroughs in enterprise computing," notes Shannon Poulin, vice president, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation.

Learn more about Unisys ClearPath systems and services at For more on Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v2, read this PDF product brief.