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Puppet Labs and VMware’s New $30 Million Investment

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Puppet Labs and VMware’s New $30 Million InvestmentPuppet Labs and VMware’s New $30 Million InvestmentVMware makes a bold move by investing another $30 million in Puppet Labs. 

A 2011 partnership between Puppet Labs and VMware brought on some much needed product integrations between the two companies, mainly with provisioning and configuring VMs, automating vCenter installation and management tasks as well as provisioning private cloud applications with vFabric. However, the new partnership means more than product integration.

With the new investment, VMware and Puppet Labs formed a commercial agreement aimed at selling integrated product solutions, including VMware’s vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Operations Management Suite products. Puppet Labs hopes to expand its customer base in new customer segments and geographic areas while scaling its operations and taking advantage of the untapped areas of the IT management stack.

Although such a substantial investment might seem like a threat to the company’s independence, Puppet Labs’ CEO and Founder, Luke Kanies sees the new partnership with VMware as an “opportunity to expand our relationship and together build great, innovative products that completely transform IT operations.”

Puppet Labs first opened its doors in 2005 with Puppet, its open source configuration management tool. After launching Puppet Enterprise, their first commercial product in early 2011, the company was able to get financial support from VMware, Cisco and other investors to continue to develop it’s model-based automation and orchestration tools.  This allowed the open source IT automation software provider to grow with over 700 paying customers and a user community 6,000 strong by adding key integrations with products from VMware, OpenStack, Cisco and others.

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