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Vapor IO To Use AppliedMicro HeliX 2 Processor To Power Vapor Edge Controller

By - Source: Vapor IO

Vapor IO and AppliedMicro announced a partnership in which Vapor IO will use the AppliedMicro HeliX 2 quad-core 64-bit ARM processor to power the Vapor Edge Controller. Vapor IO built its data-defined data center solution around the Vapor IO Open MistOS (OMOS) top-of-rack management capabilities combined with OpeDCRE (Data Center Runtime Environment). The AppliedMicro HeliX 2 line of processors represents the company's second generation ARMv8 64-bit system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors for embedded applications.

"We chose AppliedMicro's HeliX 2 because it delivers the unique capabilities required by modern data centers," said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. "The high performance combined with low power consumption, small form factor, support for ARM 64-bit instruction set architecture and an integrated 64-bit memory controller are key features that we have leveraged to enable users to monitor and manage data center components like never before. We look forward to the impact this new technology will have on the data center market."

The Vapor Edge Controller was created to tie together a data center's servers, power distribution, networking components, and auxiliary devices and sensors. The Vapor Edge Controller can run the Vapor OMOS or Vapor OS, hosting APIs that monitor and manage rack components.

The Visual Edge Controller offers a communications bus that supports sensors, power control, fan speed and other device controls. Serial/TTY access can connect devices in the rack.

The Vapor API consists of a "southbound" component that provides access to all readable, writable and controllable components in the rack. The "northbound" component of the API aggregates disparate data from various sources that can be used for performance analysis, dashboard visualizations, and infrastructure cost calculation.

The AppliedMicro HeliX 2 embedded SoC processor chosen to power the Vapor Edge Controller contains 4 ARM v8 compliant 64-bit cores running at 2.4 GHz, shared 256 KB L2 cache per pair of cores and a low power design including a sub-100 mW standby state. This processor also includes multiple Ethernet interfaces, three PCI Express Gen 3 controllers, two USB 3.0 hosts and more.