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Vapor IO And Mesosphere Bring Data Center And Cloud Cost Comparison Tools To DC/OS

By - Source: Vapor IO

Vapor IO has teamed up with Mesosphere to release a currency based scheduler able to analyze both public cloud and data center resources to identify the best place for running virtual machines at scale. Vapor IO is integrating OpenDCRE into Mesosphere's DC/OS, giving tools to data center operators and the insights to CIO's.

Since the emergence and proliferation of public cloud services, there's been a growing trend to move everything from infrastructure to platform services into the cloud. The logic is sound; running your workloads and applications in the cloud can reduce costs and remove much of the burden of setting up and managing the data center on an already taxed IT department. However, as many enterprises are finding out, while the cloud can be enticing it's not always the most economical option. Unfortunately, it's hard to know just how much of an economic impact there is when running your virtual machines (VMs) in the public cloud vs. running the workloads in your data center. This is precisely the problem that Vapor IO is hoping to resolve.

The cost comparison tool in DC/OS takes everything into consideration, examining the cost of virtual machines running in public clouds (like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure) as well as the cost of power and utilities while running those same VMs in your own data center. With the tool you'll be able to know exactly how much you're spending on your virtual infrastructure so you can make a better decision as to where you should be planning your future investments.

"DC/OS brings features no other competitor can claim today. Combined with Vapor IO's enhancements we've solved one of the biggest challenges CXOs face today, the ability to understand and orchestrate an application in context of the cost associated with the underlying infrastructure be it public cloud, co-located or on premises. The world is ready for the performance per watt per currency metric," said Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO.

Vapor IO's partnership with Mesosphere is just the latest step from the company, which was a founding DC/OS launch partner.

"Mesosphere is thrilled to partner with Vapor to revolutionize the experience of managing data center-scale applications," said Florian Leibert, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesosphere. "DC/OS already optimizes installation and resource utilization for technologies such as containers, cloud computing and big data. OpenDCRE cranks up those capabilities by letting DC/OS users figure out what infrastructure to run on in the first place."

For more information, visit Vapor IO, OpenDCRE, and DC/OS websites.