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Vapor IO Announces General Availability Of OpenDCRE

By - Source: Vapor IO

Vapor IO announced the general availability of OpenDCRE (the Data Center Runtime Environment), which is an API developed to help maintain control and provide monitoring of data center resources and operations.

Usable in environments as small as a single tenant private cloud or as large as multi-tenant facilities, the API targets DevOps as their primary customer segment with a special eye towards the Operations Management side of the house.

OpenDCRE allows data center teams to create environment monitors without much complexity or cost. These monitors can be used to identify environmental conditions that could affect everything from the hardware to the operating systems. Everything from checking up on the current voltage being supplied to the rack to getting readily-available temperature information from sensors becomes available through the open source license.

By open sourcing the software, Vapor IO hopes to take advantage of contributions from developers looking to build it into something bigger. However, there is still active development projects for OpenDCRE from Vapor IO, as well.

OpenDCRE runs on a single-board Raspberry Pi computer. Features included in OpenDCRE include power controls, analog sensor support, power line communications, and Raspberry Pi HAT / Open Mist OS. SSL Connections to OpenDCRE is supported, as is OAuth. It is designed to support and interface with any existing data center environment, from traditional 19-inch racks to HP Enterprise Cloudline or platforms running on Open Compute. Though specifically designed to run on a Raspberry Pi computer board, the software can be downloaded directly from Vapor IO and used independently of the hardware on a Docker container running Open Mist OS, also from Vapor IO.

"Data centers have proven to be nothing short of problematic," said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. "This is primarily due to poorly integrated systems, legacy software and hardware, and the disjointed approach the industry takes to building out data center environments. As IT prepares to support edge based computing, it is imperative we manage and orchestrate our infrastructure as a whole with no prejudice as to where or how many data centers are employed to support our workloads. This is a large feat and we're thrilled to have support from partners like Future Facilities and Romonet as we move forward."

OpenDCRE is available now and can be downloaded from Vapor IO.