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Western Digital Acquires HyperCache Dev VeloBit

By - Source: Western Digital

Western Digital said on Wednesday that it has acquired privately held VeloBit, a provider of high-performance storage I/O optimization software. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but Western Digital said the new acquisition, based out of Lincoln, MA, would be assimilated into its HGST subsidiary, enhancing the overall value of datacenter storage by integrating HGST SSDs with caching software.

"VeloBit enhances storage system performance with its software technology by adding a transparent acceleration layer utilizing solid state drives," the company said. "VeloBit's SSD caching software dramatically accelerates applications and increases server density by enabling higher I/O performance, lower latency, and more efficient usage of processor and storage resources."

VeloBit was established in September 2010 by a team of storage industry experts and entrepreneurs looking to commercialize their inventions in caching and data compression. Fairhaven Capital and Longworth Venture Partners provided the funding, and by 2012, VeloBit's HyperCache was chosen by Storage Magazine as a Storage Product of the Year. The company has also won multiple competitive product benchmarks in the areas of I/O acceleration and server density optimization.

"In VeloBit we saw a great team that has developed and commercialized breakthrough I/O optimization software," said Mike Cordano, president, HGST. "The acquisition of VeloBit is an important step in our strategy to develop robust software capabilities to augment our successful SSD product portfolio."

Western Digital said on Wednesday that its acquisition of VeloBit, along with the proposed sTec acquisition, reflect a huge growth in its HGST subsidiary in the fast growing and strategic enterprise SSD space. The move also augments its technology position and IP portfolio with additional engineering and design resources.

VeloBit is already promoting its place in the HGST collective via a new logo on its website. The company site currently promotes vBoost for Hyper-V and VeloBit's popular HyperCache software, the latter of which supports both read cache (write-through) and write cache (write-back) modes. Users specify write-cache-depth -- the maximum time a data block can stay in cache before it is written to primary storage. It works with any server, any block storage and any SSD.

"We are convinced that the best way to meet our customers' needs is to tightly integrate storage optimization software with the hardware," said Duncan McCallum, co-founder and CEO of VeloBit. "In HGST we have found the ideal partner to continue to develop our ground-breaking caching, compression, and cache coherence technology."

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