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VendorStack Customer Review Site Out of Beta

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 VendorStack - Customer Review Site Out of Beta VendorStack - Customer Review Site Out of BetaWho better to trust for vendor recommendations than fellow enterprises of similar size? That’s the premise of a new reviews site for small and mid-size tech companies (and especially start-ups) called VendorStack, which emerged from a private beta this week.

Though the site is new plenty of service providers have already been reviewed, and VendorStack has made it possible to see which vendors different companies use, even without those companies signing up to review those services.

For instance, though nobody has yet signed up to review Amazon Web Services, VendorStack offers up a long list of companies known to use that platform. VendorStack scrapes data, including customer lists, from different sources around the Web to beef up its listings.

VendorStack ultimately plans to do more than just provide Yelp-like reviews for corporate service providers: it could eventually sell data and services, like lead-generation for the vendors themselves, as well as analysis reports for companies shopping around for vendors. In the meantime, VendorStack’s most useful role for IT departments might be as an intelligence-gathering tool to determine what vendors competitors are using, and what types of reviews their current partners are receiving from other customers.

Currently, large companies buy analyst reports from major firms like Gartner to evaluate which vendors might be the best fit, but since not all companies can afford such reports, or find them useful for smaller operations, VendorStack could provide much needed information--but only if enough users sign up and start writing reviews.

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