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Vera Extends Document Security Offering Through Dropbox, Okta Partnerships

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Digital loss prevention (DLP) startup Vera announced strategic partnerships with cloud file sharing and storage provider Dropbox and identity access innovator Okta. Although this is a two-part announcement, the underlying concept is securing and tracking data and user activity through the last mile.

First, the Dropbox interface allows administrators to quickly create policy-based filters to secure contents within Dropbox folders, including those in Dropbox for Business, which are shared with team members. Once filters are made active, files are encrypted and access is restricted by user identity and/or time window. Full auditing is enabled for nearly every file action, including downloads, deletions, and files synced to unmanaged devices.

If a user does not have permission, a warning message will appear instead of the file contents (available on both the PC web browser interface and directly within the mobile app). Notifications can be set to alert content owners to take action (including revoking file viewing or access rights).

The second portion of the announcement, regarding Vera's integration with Okta, is centered on securing and streamlining identity management in the cloud. Okta's user-centric security can now be utilized to enable or restrict access to assets within cloud sharing systems, essentially leveraging Vera as a "broker."

As previously reported in its September announcement with Box, Vera offers security, visibility and control coupled with auditable logs and centralized graphical reporting. This is important because as EFSS has gained widespread adoption, EFSS providers are rarely capable of infusing rights management on files. Even with 256-bit at-rest and in-transit encryption, few EFSS solutions actually encrypt files. Vera's solution addresses that need for Box and Dropbox, notably on both managed and unmanaged devices (ie, those not under control by mobile device management [MDM] or other technologies).

Vera is promoting this integration to organizations in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and professional services (partners to regulated clients). This enables companies that were concerned or restricted from using EFSS to now explore Dropbox as a complement or replacement to existing document management systems.

This integration is available immediately through the Vera administrative interface.