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VMware Adds Disaster Recovery to vCloud Hybrid Service

By - Source: VMware

VMware unveiled a cloud-based disaster recovery service as a business continuity option for organizations running VMware virtualized data centers. The VMware vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery has a targeted recovery point objective (RPO) of fifteen minutes and can increase business resiliency with minimal investment, according to the company.

This new infrastructure as a service offering will continuously replicate the business' virtual machines in a virtual data center located within the vCloud Hybrid Service so that recovery from a disaster could occur more quickly.

Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plans are important, but can be expensive to implement and not always as robust as organizations might prefer. The cost to duplicate critical data center operations offsite can be difficult and cost prohibitive for most small and medium businesses. If organizations do implement a DR plan, many will only focus on the most mission critical operations in order to reduce operational costs, which could still leave some things unprotected.The VMware option would continuously mirror and protect operations using an "automated process for replicating and recovering critical applications and data in a warm standby environment at a fraction of the cost of duplicating infrastructure or maintaining an active tertiary data center," according to the recent announcement.

"We continue to aggressively execute our hybrid cloud vision, delivering capabilities like DR that businesses can use to extend and protect their existing IT investment to the cloud. VMware continues to distinguish itself from other cloud providers by making disaster recovery simple and cost-effective, allowing our customers to use a hybrid cloud approach to deliver business value, without wrestling with operational complexity and incompatibility inherent to other public clouds," said Bill Fathers, senior vice president and general manager, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware.

There are currently five VMware vCloud Hybrid Service data centers located in the U.S. and the U.K.

Pricing as of the date of this article is shown as a range based on the length of the contract and prepayment; additional volume discounts are available.

The new cloud-based DR service includes:

  • Standby capacity on vCloud Hybrid Service;
  • Self-service asynchronous replication, failover and failback;
  • 15 minutes - 24 hour RPO;
  • Initial data seeding by shipping a disk (offline data transfer);
  • Remote management and monitoring, with production-level support;
  • Standby compute capacity;
  • Two 7 day DR tests;
  • Support and bandwidth are included with the core subscription for Disaster Recovery.

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