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VMware Streamlines Enterprise Container Deployment And Cluster Management

By - Source: VMware

VMware announced a number of new integrations to simplify the installation and management of application container technology. VMware Fusion, VMware vCloud Air and VMware vSphere technologies are now integrated with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, allowing for the secure deployment and management of applications on VMware cloud platforms, whether private, public or hybrid.

"Our focus is to provide enterprises with the common platform for building, operating and managing applications at scale," said Kit Colbert, vice president and CTO, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware. "In conjunction with our broad partner ecosystem, we are empowering enterprises to minimize the integration costs, time and effort to securely run and manage containerized applications wherever they choose -- whether on-premises on VMware vSphere or in the cloud on VMware vCloud Air."

VMware users can utilize one-click deployment of Docker distributed application containers from the desktop to the cloud with Docker Machine.  Docker Machine is a remote management solution for Docker that gives customers the ability to initiate Dockerized apps on remote machines.

VMware has worked with Google to integrate capabilities of the Google Kubernetes container orchestration and scheduling solution with VMware vSphere. A new tool called VMware Big Data Extensions (BDE) now allows for the rapid and simplified provisioning of a Kurbernetes cluster onto the VMware vSphere cloud platform.

VMware’s collaboration with Mesosphere adds Mesosphere's Elastic Sharing capabilities to VMware customers. Elastic Sharing transforms a cloud platform from a collection of many nodes into a single pool of resources. Mesosphere delivers better resource utilization and fault tolerance, and it reduces data center complexity. VMware BDE is used to streamline Mesosphere provisioning.

An upcoming project from VMware spin-off Pivotal, called "Diego", will create a separate solution for container orchestration from parts of the Pivotal CloudFoundry PaaS product.