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VMware Horizon v6 Tuned for the Mobile Cloud

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

VMware's Horizon version 6, the company's end user suite of virtual solutions, was announced earlier this week with updates to both the end user experience as well as IT management. This major release includes what VMware states will provide better ways to support IT and end users who have embraced the mobile cloud.

An overall usability design change is VMware's attempt to make the features available within the Horizon product more tightly integrated and seamless. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by streamlining management and the end user experience through delivery of published Windows applications, virtual desktops, and RDS (remote desktop services) from multiple locations and devices.

The other notable new and upgraded features included in Horizon 6 are:

  • In a bid to take on Citrix; the new version of Horizon even plays nice with Citrix XenApp and can reside side-by-side with its competitor. The newly unified Horizon workspace supports single sign-on and the delivery of virtualized applications hosted by the enterprise, from the local device, cloud-based software as a service applications, and published applications from third-party platforms like XenApp.
  • To bring the cost of Horizon 6 powered Virtual Desktops (VD) closer to physical desktops, the new version includes optimized storage through the VMware Virtual SAN that the company says will lower costs by using storage local to the device.
  • A new VMware vCenter Operations for View provides centralized management and end-to-end visibility, diagnostics, and monitoring from a single console. By using built-in workflows, users can perform some self-service requests for applications and desktops that can be handled through Horizon 6 automation. This is also integrated with vCloud Automation Center management console.
  • A new VMware Horizon client is available that can connect to virtual desktops and applications located in an on premises cloud for businesses that choose to deploy Horizon 6 on a hybrid cloud.
  • Updated VMware Mirage gives the enterprise the ability to centrally design and store standardized or customized desktop images and deploy them to individuals or through an organization. The images can be based on virtual or physical end user requirements for operating systems and applications.

"Today's announcement of VMware Horizon 6 continues our momentum in end user computing, bringing the best solutions for desktop, mobile and content collaboration via a secure virtual workspace. As a recognized innovator in the industry, VMware's ambition is to provide end users their apps and content served to them securely -- anywhere, anyplace and anytime -- whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone," said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware.

VMware Horizon 6 availability is expected in the second quarter and pricing starts at $250 per user for named users or concurrent users.