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VMware Updates Smartphone Support, Mobile Partners

By - Source: VMware

In an announcement regarding its new VMware Horizon View Desktop-as-a-Service deployment option, VMware announced this week during VMworld 2013 that it has added additional smartphones to its Horizon Workspace lineup of VMware Ready devices. The company also revealed new mobile partners, and an updated Horizon Workspace mobile management solution.

VMware Horizon Workspace is an end-user solution that combines applications and data into a single enterprise-class aggregated workspace that's securely delivered on any approved device. Administrators can create customized sets of applications and data access (workspaces) using the Web-based management platform. In turn, employees use their desktops, mobile browsers or mobile applications to gain access to work resources, including shared corporate documents and applications.

The list of supported mobile devices now includes the recently launched LG G2 that will be on all major U.S. carriers, Motorola's DROID family of smartphones (DROID Mini, DROID Ultra and DROID Maxx) as well as the HTC One through Verizon Wireless. The devices join an expanding list of smartphones already deemed VMware Ready such as the LG Intuition, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, DROID RAZR HD and RAZR M by Motorola.

In addition to updated smartphone support, VMware said that it has teamed up with Sony and HTC to introduce devices that are "attractive to consumers and manageable by corporate IT using the dual persona capability found in Horizon Workspace". The HTC One is already listed above, and Sony is expected to introduce new VMware Ready smartphones (Xperia Z1?) sometime this year. Sony is actually slated to reveal new smartphones during a special pre-IFA press conference in Berlin on September 4.

VMware said the new Horizon Workspace 1.5 mobile management solution now includes a single integrated management interface to support Android devices. The latest release also includes support for mobile applications to enable administrators to entitle and manage applications, a new policy management engine to consolidate, model, and rationalize policies across all components, and support for the Oracle database.

As previously reported, VMware is offering a new desktop-as-a-service deployment option for VMware Horizon View so that organizations that lack VDI expertise can easily transition to virtual desktops. The service will be provided through the just-launched VMware vCloud Hybrid Service by the end of the year, and is available now as a stand-alone offering through vCloud partners.

VMware Horizon Workspace and Horizon View are part of the company's Horizon Suite, which also includes Horizon Mirage for categorizing all of the contents stored on a PC into a number of logical layers for more-granular management.

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