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VMware Tackles Operations Management at VMworld Europe

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2013 brings VMware users a host of new releases.  We've already seen the introductions for vSphere 5.5, vCloud Suite 5.5, Virtual SAN, NSX and other products during VMworld 2013 in San Francisco earlier this year.  However, as exponential growth of the cloud continues to march on,  demands on IT operations increases even more.  This week, at VMworld 2013 in Barcelona, VMware stands up to its competition by introducing new elements in their cloud management and business continuity applications

VMware's Data Center and Cloud Management set of products saw new releases aimed at helping IT professionals meet management challenges:

  • VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8 --  Keeping performance, capacity and configuration issues in check, the Operations Management Suite provides analytics-based results that range from proactive performance monitoring to workflow automation.  New in 5.8 is enhanced application monitoring with self-learning analytics and dashboards for Hyper-V and Amazon web services covering public, private and hybrid cloud environments.
  • VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5 -- Supporting the Operation Management Suite, automated log management, as well as operational intelligence and aggregation of data and other rich features, are some of what Log Insight offers.  From bug fixes to improvements, version 1.5 comes with vSphere Knowledge, allowing IT professionals to analyze logs both within and beyond the local virtualized infrastructure, and to manage logs centrally.

Other VMware new releases include:

  • VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0 --  Delivering IT services and applications is only part of the Automation Center.  With a unified IT service catalog and intelligent resource management, "Anything-as-a-Service" -- allowing IT to design and automate unique services -- and many other features, VMware's new Automation Center release brings improvements across the board. It includes a wide variety of configurations, helping IT operations staff achieve efficiency through automation of features, like the policy governance engine, ensuring business policies are enforced throughout the business lifecycle.         
  • VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5 -- An absolute necessity in today's virtual environment, data protection from VMware ranges from intelligent backups -- asserting business intelligence upon data stores to eradicate redundancy of data across backups -- to the deployment of smart agents for more granular backup and recovery solutions.

In addition to the new releases from VMware, many vCloud users may be happy to learn that VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service will be rolled out to Europe.  At VMworld 2013 Europe, the company announced a private beta of vCloud Hybrid Service in the UK in Q4 2013 with general availability planned in Q1 2014.  This likely means a wider customer base for many companies, and stronger expectation of VMware in their ability to provide products that support reliable access to IT service catalogs and request fulfillment solutions.  

To learn more about VMware's cloud product offerings and these new releases, visit VMware's product page for much more information.


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