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The Evolultion Of vCloud Air: Barracuda Networks Firewalls, CoreOS Now Supported

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

While the public cloud landscape is constantly shifting in terms of functionality and accessibility, one thing seems to remain the same: AWS reigns supreme. However, that is not to say there are no other options. One such cloud is VMware's vCloud Air.

VMware may have been a bit late to the party with its public cloud, but it is certainly an interesting option, and VMware is clearly actively evolving its public cloud platform.

With last week's announcement of vCloud Air on G-Cloud 6, the UK's public sector cloud services framework, VMware is clearly succeeding in broadening its reach. Specifically, the vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery as a Service are available on the G-Cloud 6 Digital Marketplace.

There are several things vCloud Air brings to the table. It supports more than 90 operating systems, it utilizes vSphere for both public and private clouds, and it has a sizeable partnership program. In addition to partnerships, VMware provides stamps of approval through a validation program for certain products to be used on its platforms.

Four Barracuda Networks products recently received VMware Ready – vCloud Air status, including the company's NG Firewall, Message Archiver, Spam Firewall and Web Application Firewall. The Next-Generation Firewall is a firewall virtual appliance for cloud environments, and it is centrally managed via the NG Control Center. The Web Application Firewall specifically targets hosted applications, while the Spam Firewall is designed to help filter email while also providing encryption capabilities. Finally, the Message Archiver is an archiving tool that provides eDiscovery functionality.

Barracuda already has a track record when it comes to success in IT environments, and it’s nice to see official recognition for some of its products on vCloud Air.

However, VMware isn't only evolving through new security appliances. CoreOS is now on the growing list of supported OSes for both vCloud Air and vSphere 5.5. CoreOS is a Linux kernel-based operating system built with the increasingly popular container approach to application deployment in mind. CoreOS release 557.2.0 and up are supported on vSphere and vCloud Air, and VMware said it is actively working with CoreOS to ensure support for vSphere 6, as well.

VMware seems to be catching in the field. The release of vCloud Air on G-Cloud 6, the addition of four Barracuda products to the VMware Ready program, and the support for CoreOS can only help vCloud Air. Althogh AWS won't be overtaken any time soon, vCloud Air is certainly becoming an attractive option.