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VMware Announces Update To Virtual SAN 6.2

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VMware announced improvements to its hyper-converged software stack through the release of a new version of VMware Virtual SAN. Version 6.2 of VMware Virtual SAN provides an enhanced feature set, including deduplication, compression and Quality of Service (QoS) that help to increase the performance of the storage layer while reducing the overall cost of storage.

A Virtual SAN is similar to a normal Storage Array Network device; the storage array is made up of a collection of disks and presented to the hosts as a single storage device. The difference, and what makes it a “virtual” SAN, is that instead of the disks being stored in an enclosure, the array is populated with direct attached disks on the hosts themselves.

Performance increases in version 6.2 are the result of several key features. Deduplication and compression both play a large role, and they combine to reduce the data throughput by up to 7x with minimal CPU and memory processing. 

Deduplication is the process of keeping only one copy of any data. File-based deduplication is easy to visualize. If there are two copies of the exact same document, image or mp3, the storage device keeps only the first file. Any additional files just point over to the first file. Block-level deduplication takes it one step further by breaking each file into blocks and performing the same space-saving techniques to those blocks. Compression analyzes the bit patterns of the files on the storage, and where possible, it replaces common or redundant bit patterns with a shorthand representation.

But more than the performance that the Virtual SAN offers, the biggest game changer is in the cost of the storage. When compared to the cost of a dedicated storage array, the availability to replace the high cost of storage with dedicated disks on the storage reduces the cost of an all-flash hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) for as low as $1 per gigabyte (GB). This lower price for storage is not only in the hardware; the support costs for that hardware also go down when you're dealing with direct attached disks instead of traditional SANs.

“VMware’s hyper-converged software stack is gaining traction with customers due its simple, cost-effective and high-performance architecture that enables them to rapidly and predictably deliver infrastructure to meet the needs of the business,” said Yanbing Li, senior vice president and general manager, Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware. “We anticipate that today’s launch of VMware Virtual SAN 6.2, which delivers up to 10x greater storage efficiency, will further accelerate customer interest in hyper-converged infrastructure powered by VMware software to build out their software-defined data centers.”

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 is expected to be released in Q1 2016 with a price of $2,495 per CPU.