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VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 Simplifies Virtual App and Desktop Personalization

By - Source: VMware

VMware announced the latest version of the VMware User Environment Manager, which promises to simplify user experience management across heterogeneous IT infrastructures. As today’s IT organizations deal with the proliferation of virtual desktops and applications, they often find themselves struggling with the challenges of offering users a consistent user experience across physical and virtual environments.

According to VMware, version 9.0 enables the deployment of a truly stateless desktop that eliminates the need for point products that offer only limited solutions while adding further complexity to IT infrastructures. Stateless desktops allow IT managers to deliver a highly personalized user experience, at low cost, across physical, virtual, and cloud based environments.

VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 will be available in a standalone version, as well as in versions bundled with VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Horizon 7 and VMware App Volumes. This latest version consolidates enterprise application and desktop delivery configuration into a single management console. VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 will give IT administrators the ability to implement content-based app configuration and personalization. Using this single console, administrators can set application deployment policy for VMware App Volumes and manage secure, digital workspace delivery using VMware Horizon 7.

VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 can set global application policies to manage the use of licensed software, which can be problematic when dealing with thousands or tens of thousands of users. Context-based security privileges can be triggered dynamically based on user context. The latest version of User Environment Manager features enhanced end-user data management, integrating folder redirection, and delivers support for VMware Writeable Volumes for storage of user profiles and/or user installed application data.

VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 is scheduled for release in late March.